Bloom Energy (fuel cells)

Bloom Energy is a provider of a revolutionary on-site power generation platform system called the Bloom Energy Server® based on proprietary fuel cell technology that provides 24x7 firm power that is reliable, clean and cost effective. With over 200 MW deployed, Bloom Energy Servers are proven in the field with many of the world’s leading companies and organizations including Apple, Wal-Mart, AT&T, eBay and FedEx, as well as notable non-profit organizations such as Caltech.  Also, with its Mission Critical Systems practice, Bloom Energy provides grid-independent power for critical loads in data centers and manufacturing.  The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.  For more information, visit


Enovix (silicon lithium-ion batteries)

We’ve built a modern 3D silicon lithium-ion battery platform to improve mobile product performance and a new battery business model to create and sustain enterprise value.We’ve created a new battery platform with an orthogonal approach to liberate greater innovation in materials, design, production, and packaging. Our battery increases energy density from 1.5x to 3x for mobile products now, with an additional 16% annual increase for years to come.

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Enphase (Smart Solar)

Enphase is the world leader in solar micro-inverters, circuits that turn the DC power from a solar panel into AC power for home use.  Enphase also makes solar energy storage systems.

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Waterbit (Precision Agriculture)

Real time agricultural sensing systems.

WaterBit provides growers with highly granular, real-time and low-cost sensing systems to improve crop quality and yield by optimizing resource use, particularly water.

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